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        Portofolio - Representative work

       CEMROM Constanta

Cement grinding station (execution and assembling) - In progress

  • Storing
  • Grinding
  • Packing
  • Palletization-Dust collection

  •        CELCO Constanta

    Lime factory (execution and assembling)

  • MAERZ Furnaces
  • Hidratation
  • Grinding
  • Crushing
  • Sorting
  • Equipment foundations, bunkers

  •     Carmeuse Belgium, Slovakia, Bosnia

    MAERZ furnace lappet attachments

        Carmeuse Campulung

    Metallic structures, MAERZ furnace execution and assembing

  • Calcite alimentation tracks relay reparations

  •     Carmeuse Fieni

    Metallic structures, equipments and Redecam filter assembling

        Ministry of Transports

    Metallic structures for Baneasa Station's passage ways

  • Celular polycarbonates assembling

  •     Lafarge Agregate

    Aggregate sorting station assembling

  • PROSAND (Czech Republic) equipments assembling
  • Metallic structures manufactures

  •     SICIM Constanta

    Loading-Unloading system modernization

  • Metallic structures manufacturing
  • Cement pneumatic transport system construction
  • IBAU Hamburg Bunker extraction equipment assembling

  •        SIMCOR Var

    Lime Transport-Grinding-Charging station

  • Metallic Work and assembling: metallic structures, platforms, tubes
  • Equipment reconditioning and assembling: ball mill, elevators, worms, dinamic separator
  • Transport worms manufacturing
  • Hammermill manufacturing
  • Industrial hall manufacturing and assembing
  • Equipment and cement bins

  •       Lafarge CIMENT Tg-Jiu

    Limestone filler charging system

    Mechanical structures for bulk cement bunkers

    Filter dismantling

          Lafarge CIMENT - Uzina Hoghiz

    MC2 Modernization

  • Transformation of electrofilters into sack filters (Redecam equipment)
  • Metallic manufacture and equipment assembly

  • MC2 Modernization

  • Separator modernization (PMT)
  • Distribution equipment assembling on the cement bins and extractions(IBAU)

  • Beumer elevators- 2 pieces

  • Metallic confections: carcasses, cups, frames

  • Roller bed for assembling of kiln shells on the ground

  • Roller support for replacing kiln shells
  • Fixed saddle for replacing furnace kiln shells

  •     Carmeuse Deva

    Maerz furnaces assembling
  • Including damper fabrication other metallic marts
  • Redecam filter assemblage for furnaces
  • Filter assemblage for hidratation
  • Redecam filter reparation

  •     Lafarge CIMENT Medgidia

    Bulk loading installation

  • Metallic manufacture and assembling
  • IBAU, Beumer, Menhofer equipments assemblage

  • Aumund elevators

  • Manufacture of cups, carcasses, frames

  •     Lafarge CIMENT Rezina (Moldavia)

    Mollers loading system

    Cement bins extraction system

  • Air slides
  • Dusting tubes

  •    Lafarge Agregate si Betoane Glina

    Extraction, transport and loading systems
  • Execution and assembling of:
  •    - worms
       - slides
       - metallic structures and foundations

       Lafarge Agregate si Betoane Fusea

    Discharging bunker, transportation track - manufacturing and assembling

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